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Victoria Kilby

Victoria Kilby

Associate and Accredited Family Law Specialist

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Victoria Kilby - Associate and Accredited Family Law Specialist

Tori has primarily worked in family law since she was admitted to practice in 2013

She is a Law Institute Accredited Specialist, with in-depth and expansive technical knowledge of all facets of family law. Confident and highly competent, she is a dependable client advocate.

Tori graduated from Deakin University and joined Coote Family Lawyers in July 2019. Along with vast procedural learning she has experience in matrimonial and de facto property matters, high-conflict parenting cases and family violence intervention orders.

Assertive yet down-to-earth, Tori gives reliable, professional counsel. She is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and the Law Council of Australia’s Family Law Section.


Law Institute of Victoria - Accredited Family Law Specialists



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