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Lauren Dunning

Lauren Dunning

Special Counsel and Accredited Specialist in Family Law

He is really good at his job!

Lauren Dunning - Special Counsel and Accredited Specialist in Family Law

Lauren has strong academic credentials, a keen intellect and a genuine passion for family law.

She is very pragmatic, and presents as formidable in manner. She is diligent in exploring the best possible outcome for each client.  

Lauren moved to Australia from the UK in 2007 to study law. She achieved a position on the Dean’s Merit List as an Honours level law student and was admitted to practice in 2014. She joined Coote Family Lawyers three years later and became an Accredited Specialist in Family Law in 2021. She is especially skilful in financial cases and makes a ferocious opponent.

Prior to completing her formal qualifications, Lauren worked as a law clerk in both the UK and Australia.


Law Institute of Victoria - Accredited Family Law Specialists


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Just want to say thank you so much for all your assistance. Things are much better now and it wouldn't of been possible if it weren’t for you both. Thank you.

I just want to appreciate all you did for me to make sure I got all I deserved during my settlement with my ex husband. I am happy I chose to work with you and I am happy I made the right choice. I got a new job, refinanced the house, (my ex) got infuriated and stopped (my son's) school fees, I paid (the school fees) off for the year, enrolled him in a better private school for next year, I changed my car to a Mercedes Benz. I AM HAPPY! Thank you.

Thank you for dealing with my father with total professionalism and dignity (with a side of humour) which assisted us move through this process as his health concerns became more apparent.

I really appreciate your assistance with finding a suitable lawyer to deal with my rogue father. Lauren read the situation perfectly and did exactly as you said she would – and more.

I was holding myself together yesterday until I spoke with Lauren who so kindly offered sooo much support that I lost it.

We plan to sleep much better tonight knowing that my father is being looked after.

Thank you again for such an amazing result!

I’ve learnt a lot in the process, especially about how not to message or talk so aggressively to people.

I want to thank you for how promptly you were there for me from the minute I called in the police station, Matt was onto it. I could never recommend you high enough to ANYONE. If you need any references let me know and happy to leave a review too once our work is completed as still a bit to go.

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your help Lauren.

I am ever so grateful for you holding my hand along the way. He may have won battles but WE WON THE FIGHT!!!

Please take care. I wish you well in your future (and I regret not giving you the biggest hug last week while I was overwhelmed).

I cannot be more grateful for your amazing talents and attention to detail.

Lauren certainly helped me to remain confident and positive.

Thanks a lot for all your help the past year or so. I am quite happy with the way it ended up, and the advice you have given me was much appreciated. Thanks again!

I want to thank you and Gillian for supporting me and giving me the courage I needed to go head to head with [xxx] and his firm. It was always a big fear for me, as he had so many resources available to him, and of course him himself. Without your guidance I would have been a sitting duck and would be 780k short. I know he felt like he could not mess around because I had great lawyers behind me. I will be forever grateful for that support, and for the confidence you and Gillian provided.

Thanks for all your help Lauren. You have been amazing and I appreciate the rational solution that you managed to arrange.




Family Law Rising Star – Victoria 2022 

Doyle's Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Melbourne, 2022

Rising Star - Lauren Dunning 

The 2022 listing of Victorian Family Law Rising Stars details individuals practising across Family, Divorce, Parenting and Matrimonial matters within the Victorian legal market who, while not included in our Leading Family or Parenting Lawyer Rankings have been specifically noted as being a “Rising Star” within the aforementioned areas. Often these individuals, while still operating at an extremely high level of professionalism and ability, may well be more affordable than many of the individuals listed in our our Leading Family Lawyer rankings.




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