Gary Yan - Partner
Gary Yan - Partner


Transparency in billing

Legal Fees

To help reduce unnecessary stress during what is already a difficult time, we are transparent about our fees at Coote Family Lawyers.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, we will advise you of the hourly rate for the solicitor you have chosen to meet.

We provide all of our clients with detailed information about our rates, including an initial estimate of what the overall cost of your case will be. There are many factors that can affect your overall legal costs as your case progresses, in particular the conduct of the other party. With this in mind, we will send you interim statements so that you are kept up-to-date with your account.   

We will provide you with written information about your rights in relation to legal costs and will respond promptly to any queries you have without charge. We will not incur substantial disbursements (such as engaging accountants, family psychologists or barristers), on your behalf without discussing this with you first.

You will be asked to sign a written costs agreement which sets out our method of charging and in some cases you may also be asked to provide us with money to be held in our trust account for disbursements as approved by you.

If you have difficulty paying your costs, you can apply for litigation funding, also known as legal financing and settlement funding, and we can advise you on how to pursue this.


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