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Jessica Razzi

Wills and Power of Attorney

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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Wills and Power of Attorney

A Will is an important legal document that should give clear instructions about how you would like to distribute your assets after you die. Our lives change and it’s important to have a will that reflects your current circumstances.

Our specialist Wills and Estates team is here to make sure that you get the best information in a way that protects you and the people you care about.

From the straightforward to the complex, our experts offer practical, objective advice across the entire spectrum of Wills and Power of Attorney. This includes Will preparation, Testamentary Trusts, Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration, appointing Enduring Powers of Attorney and Medical Treatment Decision Makers.

We can also make applications for the appointment of an Administrator or Guardian. As well as helping you and your family in cases where the powers of an attorney have been misused. These matters are heard by VCAT.

Powers of Attorney are legal documents that allow you to specify who will make decisions about financial or personal matters if you are not able to make these decisions yourself.

A life event such as an accident or illness may alter your capacity to make decisions about where you live, how you spend your money or what support services you require. Powers of Attorney documents ensure that there is a clear and legal path for someone to make those decisions for you without unnecessary conflict.

Similarly, an Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker document allows you to appoint someone to make decisions about your medical treatment if you are unable to make your own decision. You may also make an advanced care directive regarding your future medical treatment that reflects your individual preferences and values.


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Updating your Estate Planning is now easier and more affordable. Our online system, Settify will provide you with helpful information, and collect the information that our lawyers will use to prepare your documents. This is the fastest and easiest way to to ensure your wishes are properly, and legally, recorded.

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