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Children's Arrangements

 Feeling so supported in this battle means a great deal to me.

Children's Arrangements

We handle children’s matters with care

Negotiating children's arrangements is often the most difficult and painful aspect of any separation. At Coote Family Lawyers, we endeavour to alleviate the stress these matters can cause by taking a calm, considered and child-centred approach.

We are experienced in all areas of children's matters, including living and parenting arrangements, mediation, grandparent rights and local and international relocation cases.

Partner Gary Yan has a specialist interest in international cases, regularly advising clients on parenting matters involving other jurisdictions. He is dually qualified in Australia and the UK, with experience of Asian jurisdictions.



I thank you with great warmth for the part you have played in contributing to this restoration of justice and ongoing recovery of my health and myself.

"At Coote Family Lawyers, we’ll get you to the other side."
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