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Gillian Coote

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Gillian Coote

Founder, Managing Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist

Without hesitation I would recommend Coote Family Lawyers and I feel very grateful for being introduced to you, and for the advice I was provided with.

Gillian Coote - Founder & Managing Partner

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Gillian is one of Melbourne's most respected family lawyers.

Consistently appraised by her peers as an industry leader, in 2020 she was named as one of only nine Preeminent Family Lawyers in Australia by esteemed legal directory Doyle’s Guide.

Following several successful years at large city practices, Gillian established Coote Family Lawyers in 2002 to provide a level of personal service and client care rarely found in top tier, multi-disciplinary firms. Her considerable international experience brings further depth to the practice. Frank, sincere and assiduous in approach, her compassionate yet pragmatic counsel sets her apart from her contemporaries.

In litigation, Gillian’s comprehensive experience in all areas of family law makes her a formidable opponent. She has successfully run defended parenting cases, difficult property proceedings, complicated trust structures and valuation and business issues for more than three decades – building repute as one of the most strategic and persuasive practitioners in the field.

Gillian has been a Law Institute Accredited Specialist since 1991.


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Thank you so much to both yourself and Aisling. I now have a much better understanding of the family law act and feel so much more empowered.

Thank you so much for your time and frank and fearless advice today.

My grateful thanks Gill, for your kindness and diligence on my behalf at such a frankly awful time for me.

Thank you so much Gill, of all the law firms I could have picked I'm certainly pleased I picked yours.

Thanks to Alisha and Gill for making such a difficult time in my life more easily manageable. You both gave me some self respect back which was invaluable in moving forward

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Thank you Gill for your calm and sensible advice, at what was a time of crisis for me.

I am so grateful to have received your advice, and I am pleased that I had the sense to take it. I think that is in no small part due to the trust that I have in you.

Thanks so much for your understanding and forbearance. This has been a bloody awful process, made less so by your wise counsel. I can’t thank you enough.

Dear Gill, Charlotte, Geoff, Stephanie and Eliza

Thank you for agreeing to represent me at 5 minutes before midnight.

Thank you for managing the situation with such care and professionalism.

My life since this was settled has taken on a lightness that I have not experienced in a while.

It’s time for me to get fit and make a real contribution.

I look forward to catching up socially one day. We have settled in xxx for the time being which has been terrific with the kids. Life is wonderful.

Thank you for encouraging me to secure a home in xxx. This has been a positive outcome for all of us

Gillian, thank you for all you did for me to get a great result.

I will never forget our first meeting, it was memorable in so many ways, and when I met you I thought, what good luck that I had chosen so well.

I very much appreciate the professional, efficient yet highly empathetic approach of yourself and all your colleagues.

Thank you for listening. We feel a bit more at ease with what we believe will be stronger representation from your firm.

Dear Gillian,

I hope Casey has made you aware of the excellent news from the negotiations today. I am thoroughly delighted!

I have taken the opportunity of reviewing the files I have regarding your team’s remarkable performance.

Attached is the original “mail for help” I sent following the less than satisfactory performance of the firm of lawyers I first engaged.

When I looked for a replacement team to support me in the divorce I decided to get the best that I could and was directed to Doyle’s Guide to make that selection, emailing 5 of the top firms – you responded almost immediately. I initially wanted you to represent me due to your premier position in Doyle’s guide but most especially by the quick and well-crafted response to my request (I emailed your firm at 10:36pm you responded 46 minutes later at 11:22pm).

I think that you will agree with me that my legal position 34 days ago was abysmal. Today I have a financial settlement signed at 79% of my ideal when I first separated. I am of the opinion that this could never have been achieved without the skill, patience and prodigious work rate of Mr. Casey Ieraci who with your self have advised me with great skill and experience throughout – notwithstanding the work required over the festive holidays. Casey has attended to every facet of the case with a degree of skill I have rarely had the pleasure of encountering in 35 years of work. Casey’s choice of Mediator Mr. Grant Atkinson was in my opinion absolutely “out of the top drawer” and both gentlemen worked exceedingly hard to get a fair result today. I have verbally thanked Grant and most especially Casey – whom I have the utmost respect and trust in. Please pass on my commendations to Casey as you see fit.

I hope I have not been too problematic to deal with, Iraq being what it is to communicate effectively to Australia from, and thank you for taking on my case and making such a fabulous job of what appears to me to be in most cases a laborious, financially and emotionally draining process.

My sincerest gratitude.

To Gillian and Harriet,

My family and I would like to thank you all for the excellent and professional services you and your team at Coote Family Lawyers were able to offer us during this very difficult and complex family and property law case.

I would like to specifically call out the exceptional service provided by Harriet to myself, ensuring I was fully aware of the legal issues, options available and guidance during all decision making. Your services went beyond providing just legal representation, many times during this case, I felt quite stressed and overwhelmed by all that laid ahead of us but your reassurance, meticulous approach to case preparation and personal engagement helped me significantly to deal with the stress and pressures of the case.



Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Melbourne, 2020 

Doyle's Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Australia, 2020

Preeminent - Gillian Coote 

The 2020 listing of leading Australian Family & Divorce Lawyers details solicitors practising within the areas of family law, matrimonial, parenting, property and spousal maintenance matters across all Australian legal markets who have been identified by their peers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Leading Family Lawyers (High-Value & Complex Property Matters) – Victoria, 2020

Gillian Coote - Doyle's Leading Family Lawyers (High-Value & Complex Property Matters) – Victoria, 2020

The 2020 listing of leading Victorian Family Lawyers (High-Value & Complex Property Matters) details individuals who have been specifically highlighted not only for their expertise generally in family law matters but also for their ability and track record in matters where the contested net asset pool is significant (i.e. in excess of AUD $50 million) or there are complex commercial, property, estate planning and taxation matters that need to be taken in to account as part of the overall resolution process.  These lawyers should also been viewed as having particular expertise in preparing Binding Financial Agreements for individuals and families with significant net worth.


Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Melbourne, 2020

Gillian Coote - Preeminent Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Melbourne, 2020

The 2020 listing of leading Melbourne Family & Divorce Lawyers details solicitors practising within the areas of family law, matrimonial, parenting, property and spousal maintenance matters in the Victorian legal market who have been identified by their peers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyers – Victoria, 2020

Gillian Coote - Recommended Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyers – Victoria, 2020

The 2020 listing of leading Victorian Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyers details individuals who have been specifically highlighted for their expertise, abilities and experience in complex parenting/child custody issues and disputes. These rankings also include individuals with experience acting as an independent Children’s Lawyer in relation to matters that may include, but are not limited to, family violence, physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children. Individuals included in our broader Family Law rankings may also possess significant skill with respect to parenting matters however have not been identified for such.

Law Institute of Victoria - Accredited Family Law Specialists  



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