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My partner wants me to sign a prenup

Should I sign a prenup?

Monday 22nd of April 2024
By: Stephanie Svendsen, Practice Support Manager and

I am very happy with your firm and if ever anything comes up I will contact you again. You are excellent.

Annelis Bos, Partner at Coote Family Lawyers, tells 9Honey that agreements such as these are "more common when it's a second marriage or relationship and people are wanting to protect what they've brought in".

But that's not to say that first timers can't benefit from a prenup too. What's important to remember is to always seek legal advice before devising or entering into a prenup.

Binding Financial Agreements are technical and complicated and can be set aside in legal proceedings if they haven't been drafted correctly, and if both parties didn't get the right advice.

Annelis says "this should be done through an 'accredited family lawyer' who understands the complexities of such agreements".

You can read the full article here: Money Manners: 'My partner wants me to sign a prenup'

If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss a prenup please contact our team of Accredited Specialists in Family Law on 03 9804 0035.

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