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International Relocation of Children, A Global Guide

Coote provides Australian chapter for international reference on family law.

Thursday 7th of April 2016
By: Gary Yan

I could not be more grateful for your talent and attention to detail.  

One of the thornier legal complications that can arise when families split up is when one of the guardians decides to take their children overseas.

As each country has its own discrete laws in this area, the potential for international conflict and lengthy disputes is high. For lawyers versed in their own national rules, accessing information on the differences is crucial.

That’s why this new publication, International Relocation of Children, A Global Guide, is such a welcome addition. Published by Thomson Reuters, it is written by some of the world’s leading practitioners in this field. In it, you will find an authoritative commentary on the legal position of child relocation in 31 jurisdictions around the world, including France, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Russian Federation, a number of states in the US, as well as a chapter on Australia.

We are very honoured to announce that three members of Coote Family Lawyers were chosen to contribute the Australian chapter. Congratulations to Gillian Coote, Gary Yan and Simon Fuller who burned the midnight oil to complete this high-level overview in question-and-answer format, including key issues such as the rights and responsibilities of parents, the correct procedure for relocation, dispute resolution and child abduction.

To read our chapter on line, click on this link <International Relocation of Children>.

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To my dream team.  Many thanks for your support and assistance during this year.  I wont say it's been easy, however it has been made 1000% better with your involvement.  You all rock.

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