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Does My Child's Opinion Count?

Does my child's opinion count?

Monday 15th of April 2019
By: Shai Sommer, Associate, Coote Family Lawyers

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My ex-partner and I have a parenting arrangement in place but when it comes to it, the children refuse to follow it.  What do I do?

Figuring out parenting arrangements that are appropriate and practicable can be a tough and gruelling experience.  But let us assume that you have successfully surpassed this stage.  What do you do when the children refuse to go from one household to another?  Or when the children are with one parent but call the other requesting to be picked up?

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to those problems.  Children often challenge parents and it is the parents' responsibility to push back.  In the same way that children are required to attend school, they too are required to follow their parents' direction and move from one household to another.  Now, this is not to say that children should be dragged from one parent to another kicking and screaming.  There are some circumstances where weight should be placed on views expressed by the children.  In doing so however, the real difficulty of course lies in striking a balance between listening to the children's concerns and not over-empowering them.

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