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Emmy Langmaid

Emmy Langmaid

Senior Associate

Thank you for all your support over the years.

Emmy Langmaid - Senior Associate

Emmy joined Coote Family Lawyers in 2017, after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International and Global Studies from the University of Sydney. 

Working across both wills and estates and family law, she is a holistic, strategic practitioner.

Emmy is experienced in property, parenting and VCAT matters. She enjoys helping clients navigate the complex juncture of family law, conveyancing and wills and estates, striving to simplify the process with a compassionate, resolution-focused approach.

A member of the Law Institute of Victoria, Emmy is also a mentor for the DOXA Youth Foundation Cadetship Program, which is proudly supported by Coote Family Lawyers.


Read what our clients have to say

I never had the chance to personally thank you for the work you and Gary put into my case. I just wanted to personally thank you…especially your patience during the mediation process and outcome. A weight has certainly been lifted off my shoulders.

I hope I find you well and wish you all the luck to continue making a difference to the lives of those that seek your help.

Whatever you're paying Emmy... double it... she brings not just one core administrative skill to her job but two... that being her past line of employment as a PA. She's invaluable to people who still believe lawyers truly care beyond the usual fiduciary responsibility to sustain a legal practice. Plus she laughs at my dad jokes.

I must take this opportunity to thank you both for the assistance you gave to me over the last twelve months or so with the Legal Matters that I had to deal with. Your professionalism and empathy was very much appreciated all of which allowed me to finalise my parents’ Estate matters with my sanity in tack.

I hope you all have a great break and that the new year is kind to you both.

Thanks so much Emmy, you have been incredibly helpful and I am relieved I reached out to you.

Amazing Emmy. You and Annelis have truly changed our lives for the better and we are so grateful for what you have done for us.

I am so very grateful for all the support and insight you have provided me over the last two years and the sensitivity and care which you have given me throughout. I really appreciate the time we have worked together. Thank you.

Thank you for all your help Kate and Emmy, particularly for your concern and empathy throughout this difficult process.

Thank you so much Emmy!

I am so grateful to you and Annelis for your work. Honestly, you have changed our lives so much in sorting this out.

Hoping you had a super Christmas break and have enjoyed a bit ofthe hot weather.

Thank you so much Emmy from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work, it's been a long road full of ups and downs. To say that I am happy with the outcome is a massive understatement.

Thank you to you and your colleagues for all your help.

It was such a momentous, dreadful ‘once only’ time in my life and I was so grateful to have such experienced professionals to help me.

I wanted to take the time to write to thank you and Emmy for your assistance finalizing the matter in regards to my late husband’s estate.

Your patience, professionalism and understanding regarding this matter put me at ease right from the start at this very difficult time, which I am forever grateful for.

I was referred to Coote Family Lawyers from a family friend, and it was the best decision to contact you and have you act on my behalf. I will not hesitate to refer others to you in the future.

Your guidance and support over the past 2 years has made such a difference to us. We truly appreciate everything that you have done and hope you enjoy this token of our thanks.

Thank you ladies! I owe it all to you. Annelis and Emmy I couldn’t and would have done it without you both. From our first meeting it became obvious that you two would be a force to be reckoned with. Professional, ethical and realistic with a sprinkle of Emmy’s empathy was the perfect recipe for me to take the leap and explore this unknown territory. What a ride, it has been like therapy for me. I’m forever grateful to you both and your team for making the journey a supportive one, for always being available and for being so kind to me! Keep being awesome ladies, love your work!!

Thank you for your professionalism, promptness and empathy during this difficult time.

Thank you for your assistance with my recent family law matter. Your hard work and excellent communication skills have delivered a very good outcome for me. I appreciate the effort you went to in helping with this matter. Thank you very much.

Again a giant thank you to YOU not only for today but for all you have done for me leading up to today, your kindness and professionalism is second to none!!!

Fabulous and thanks kindly to you both Annelis and Emmy. The girls and I are honestly, so full of gratitude to you both.

Sending huge hugs to Annelis and Emmy – you have done an amazing job!

Thank you for all your help, support, guidance and tolerance that you extended to me whilst navigating my divorce. You held your professional ground in what was, a highly emotional situation for me. It takes great skill and strong boundaries to do what you do.

The professional advice, not to mention the personal support (in a professional sense) you have provided has been exceptional.

For you to make yourself available, even on weekends when issues arose, was aboe and beyond. I would have struggled to get through this without your guidance.

You are an outstanding lawyer, often demonstrating empathy when it can be lacking in others I have met outside your workplace. I can’t thank you enough.

You are so proficient, efficient and very thorough with all you do. Thank you so much!

I truly would have been lost without the client centric and expert legal advice that you gave me.

Thank you so much Emmy. Your compassion and professionalism was so appreciated.

Both Annelis and Emmy have guided me through this emotional and personally difficult process in such an amazingly professional and careful manner.

I truly appreciated everything they both have done to bring this to a successful conclusion.

The quality of services Annelis and Emmy provided me made an extremely challenging process as manageable as is possible. I felt they were across the details of my case at all times which provided a great sense of confidence and peace of mind.

I am so very grateful for Annelis and Emmy’s innovate attitude. Their ability to envision m proposed approach and collaborate with me in achieving a very respectable and successful outcome has been a highly esteeming experience for me.

The respect Annelis and Emmy showed me and my brother at all times and their ability to assist us to share the load was a key part of the process.

Sending huge hugs to Annelis and Emmy – you have done an amazing job!



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