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Intervention Order and communicating with your expartner

Intervention Orders and Communicating With Your Ex

Wednesday 29th of January 2020
By: Aisling Clifford, Senior Associate & Accredited Family Law Specialist, Coote Family Lawyers

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My ex-partner has an Intervention Order against me.  Can we still communicate and attend the same functions?

An Intervention Order may be granted against one party for the protection of the other following allegations of family violence. The purpose of the Intervention Order is to regulate and restrict the behaviour of the party who is the subject of the Intervention Order. An Intervention Order should be treated as a serious matter and any breach of an Intervention Order (including an inadvertent or accidental breach) can result in criminal charges and a criminal record for the offender.

Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the terms and effect of an Intervention Order. Intervention Orders usually restrict one party from attending a former joint residence or work place of the other party as well as regulating how the parties may communicate with each other. If an Intervention Order permits the parties to communicate directly, it is common that this may only occur in writing i.e. text message, email or letters and be restricted to the care of children. In these circumstances, strict compliance with the Intervention Order is required and the party that is the subject of the Intervention Order must not communicate in relation to any other topic or issue, including financial matters or the circumstances in which the parties’ relationship has broken down, as this will constitute a breach of the Intervention Order and place the party as risk of criminal charges.

If you have been served with an Intervention Order, we recommend that you promptly obtain legal advice from one of our team of top family lawyers on 03 9804 0035 in order to ensure that you are fully informed as to the effect of the Intervention Order on you.  

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