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New Joint Practice Direction

New Case Management for Financial Proceedings involving property of less than $500,000 - What does it mean for me?

Monday 2nd of March 2020
By: Justine Clark, Special Counsel and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Coote Family Lawyers

Thank you for your sound advice. I really appreciate your wisdom.

A new practice direction has issued from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia on 7 February 2020 relating to the case management of financial cases in the Brisbane, Parramatta, Adelaide and Melbourne Registries, involving property pools (including superannuation) of less than $500,000.

The practice direction implements a sensible initiative intended to expedite the resolution of financial matters involving small property pools, without parties incurring disproportionate legal costs to effect a financial separation.

The requirement to file an Affidavit when issuing proceedings will be dispensed with, until further direction, with the parties to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

If ADR does not lead to the parties achieving a resolution, a less adversarial trial will be held or there will be a hearing “on the papers” to provide a final determination.

You can access Practice Direction 2 of 2020 - Case Management - Family Law (Priority Property Pools under $500,000) Financial Cases here:

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What a momentous day!  Thank you all in getting to this position. I can now start to move on with my life.   

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