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Who gets to keep the dog

The rise of pet-nups

Friday 17th of February 2023
By: Stephanie Svendsen, Coote Family Lawyers. Image: Getty

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The rise of pet-nups: Who gets to keep the dog after a separation or divorce? 

Gary Yan, Partner at Coote Family Lawyers speaks with 9Honey about what a pet-nup involves and what you can do if you are already separating and don't have an agreement in place.

He says "Over the last couple of years, demand for addressing pets in legal agreements has been steadily rising".

"For pet lovers this might sound a touch cold, but the Family Law Act defines animals as property.  This means the law considers them as part of a property settlement - just like they would household items - rather than a child or family member where the 'best interest' principle applies".

You can read Gary's tips and tricks in the full article here on the 9Honey website:

If you are separated, or thinking about separation, and concerned about losing your pet, call 9804 0035 to speak with one of Melbourne's top family lawyers.  

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