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5 signs your partner might be considering a divorce

Signs your partner might be considering a divorce

Wednesday 10th of August 2022
By: and Gillian Coote, Principal Image:iStock

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How do I know if my partner is considering a divorce? Body+Soul chats to Gillian Coote about the red flags that might suggest a partner wants a divorce

Throughout the course of her career, Gillian Coote has become a master at noticing the small yet meaningful signs that one party is considering a divorce.

While tempting, Gillian advises against burying your head in the sand.  "It's difficult to face the thought of your partner wanting a separation," she tells Body+Soul.  "It feels easier to avoid the discussion entirely, and to pretend it's not happening.  But despite the difficulty, confronting your partner may be the best option."

Communication is key.  If you do want to salvage the relationship, let your other half know, pronto.  "If you want to save your relationship, the sooner you raise it, the better.  It might re-establish a connection and lead to a discussion about positive next steps, such as relationship counselling."

Not sure where you stand in your relationship? Read Gillian's article in Body+Soul on the 5 signs your partner might be considering a divorce.

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