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Should you say Yup to a Prenup? - AFR Oct 2022

Wednesday 12th of October 2022
By: Stephanie Svendsen, Practice Support Manager

Your firm's attention to detail and expertise no doubt expedited the matter.  My sincere thanks.

"Family lawyers are seeing more young couples seeking prenuptial agreements as soaring house prices prompt parents to offer financial support". Speaking with the Australian Financial Review, Gary Yan comments on the increase in prenups and what other options young couples (and their parents) might have to protect their financial interest.

Raising the subject of a prenup with your partner can be difficult.  "If there's a commitment to have a marriage that's meant to be for all time, it's hard to go into it and say "well, what's mine is mine'." Says Gary

He continues "If one party's parents are giving $200,000, they'll want to make sure that's protected" so it may be easier for the parents to raise the issue.  

You can read the full article in the Australian Financial Review published on 12 October 2022 here: Should you say Yup to a Prenup? 

If you need advice about a pre or post nuptial agreement please call our office on 9804 0035 to speak with one of our nine Accredited Specialists in Family Law.  We can help you make a decision on how best to protect yours/your parents' financial interests.


Following on from the article in the AFR, Annelis Bos, Partner was subsequently interviewed on 3AW's Afternoons with Dee Dee covering this topic.  Annelis says "Parents like to try and give their kids a leg up, but they also don't want to see that leg up walk off".  You can listen to the full interview here: Annelis Bos Interview with Dee Dee

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