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Rent crisis forcing aussies to live with ex

Rent crisis forcing Aussies to live with the ex: 'Really toxic'

Friday 16th of June 2023
By: Annelis Bos speaking with Eliza Bavin of Yahoo! Finance Australia image: Getty

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Surging rent prices and the rising cost of living has forced Aussies to keep living with their ex

These days, many separated couples continue living together to save money, but as Annelis Bos explains to Yahoo! Finance Australia it is not always easy.

She recommends to set clear boundaries, have clear conversations to manage expectations and to live separate lives in order to define the date of separation and prevent one party from making a claim on something they are not entitled to.

Most importantly, early legal advice is key to simply understand your rights, your responsibilities and the range of likely outcomes in your case. "Reaching an agreement quickly ... and having quality advice would be the best way to avoid getting embroiled in costly, expensive divorce/separation proceedings"

You can read the full article by Eliza Bavin, Yahoo! Finance Rent crisis forcing Aussies to live with the ex: 'Really toxic'

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