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How to make blended families work

Monday 12th of February 2024
By: Stephanie Svendsen and 9Honey

I cannot thank you enough.  I feel the result is very fair, and I am secure.  I will not forget how this was achieved.

In conversation with 9Honey Gillian Coote explains how families can make blended splendid.

"While blending families can come with challenges, when exes are respectful towards one another, openly communicate, prioritise the needs of children, and have the appropriate financial and children's arrangements in place, it can go a long way in helping them to form a successful blended family" she says.

"By working collaboratively, exes can develop a healthy co-parenting dynamic that fosters a sense of security and stability for the whole family."

She says to: "Make sure you prioritise individual children.  If one or more child feels overlooked, resentment and unhappiness can escalate".

You can read Gillian's expert advice in 9Honey here: Aussie mum Simone on how she makes her blended family work: 'It's about your children' - 9Honey (

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