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How do i discuss the topic of separation

How do I discuss the topic of separation?

Thursday 13th of August 2020
By: Charlotte Geddes, Special Counsel & Accredited Family Law Specialist, Coote Family Lawyers

Thank you all for being A: so beautiful when I talk to you all and B: for being so patient. 

I am thinking of leaving, but how do I bring up the topic of separation with my partner?

Separation is a very distressing and highly emotional time. This can make meaningful and productive discussions directly with your partner about separation difficult.

It is preferable to discuss a separation directly with your partner but often this is not possible or practicable, particularly if there is a risk of family violence.  The issue of separation can therefore be raised with your partner in an email or letter (and we can assist with the preparation of this). Alternatively, you can propose that you attend upon a counsellor, mediator or family dispute resolution practitioner to discuss the separation process with your partner, with a third party.   We can also write directly to your partner or their solicitor and raise the issue of separation, along with the practical realities of a separation.

In short, there is no one way to discuss the topic of separation and it will depend entirely on the individual circumstances. On many occasions, we meet with clients prior to separation and discuss the various options available to them in their personal circumstances.

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