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How to overcome the challenges of coparenting with an uncooperative ex

How can I co-parent with an uncooperative ex?

Saturday 24th of June 2023
By: Annelis Bos, Partner, Coote Family Lawyers for Image: Bigstock

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In her article for Mum Central, Annelis Bos explains how to overcome the challenges of co-parenting with an uncooperative ex.

Co-parenting with a composed and consistent approach is essential to offering children stability, security, and the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with both parents.

However, co-parenting during the early stages of separation isn't always smooth sailing and with the heightened emotions of separation, for some people the animosity and resentment they feel towards their ex-partner makes it very difficult to communicate in a calm and civil manner.

Annelis recommends to start by setting clear boundaries and developing a low-conflict communication style.  She recommends you encourage a healthy relationship with the children and limit your children's exposure to conflict when possible.  Keep a record of conversations and issues and if you simply cannot communicate or co-parent effectively, speak with a professional.  

Family lawyers can act as a great support.  Engaging a family lawyer for advice doesn't have to lead to a court case, rather a lawyer can give you the necessary guidance required to determine the best outcome for your family.

You can read the full article here: How to overcome the challenges of co-parenting with an uncooperative ex

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