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Common Co-Parenting Schedules and How to Pick the Best Option For Your Family

Sunday 11th of June 2023
By: Annelis Bos, Partner writing for Mum Central

Thank you for your help and understanding in my case.

What are the most common co-parenting schedules parents use? 

"Negotiating children's arrangements can be one of the most difficult and painful aspects of any separation. Regardless of whether separation is amicable or not it is important for parents to define a clear co-parenting schedule for parenting arrangements, set boundaries, bring stability to their children's lives and reduce conflict down the track".  

In her article for Mum Central, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Family Law Annelis Bos describes the most common co-parenting schedules and what a good co-parenting schedule should always consider.  These include:

  1. Week on week off - Alternative weeks
  2. The 2-2-5 Plan
  3. Alternating weeks with a visit in between
  4. Alternative weekends
  5. School holidays

To understand more about each of these schedules, read the full article here: Common Co-Parenting Schedules and How to Pick the Best Option For Your Family

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