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Christmas tips for divorced families

Sunday 24th of December 2023
By: Annelis Bos, Partner at Coote Family Lawyers;

What a momentous day!  Thank you all in getting to this position. I can now start to move on with my life.   

Speaking with the Herald Sun, Annelis Bos shares her top tips to help divorced parents navigate the festive period.

When it comes to negotiating Christmas in two family households, parents must keep kids front of mind, Accredited Specialist in Family Law Annelis Bos says.

The Partner at Coote Family Lawyers, which has its headquarters in Melbourne but advises clients nationally, says getting the festive season right is critical, especially when travelling with children soon after breaking up.

“If it is the first travel since separation, the way things are handled will set the tone for all subsequent trips,” she said. “So it is important to put the time in to get it right.”

She said the priority had to be firmly on kids at Christmas with adults willing to compromise.

“Everyone wants their children at the prime time of Christmas morning opening presents, they want the children spending time with their family,” she said.

“(It is about) being reasonable and trying to reach a compromise … sometimes, it may be that you make the concessions this year, on the understanding you make the arrangements you want the following.

“(The ideal) is to come up with a conciliatory proposal as that is going to be less likely to lead to conflict … (so) children can enjoy a stress-free holiday and not feel torn.

“One of the things that creates issues is uncertainty, so even if you’ve not yet done it, put a proposal to your ex partner and make a suggestion that addresses both sides … ‘you pick them up on Christmas night so you have them for Boxing Day with your family and I will have them on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning’.”

Ms Bos says communication between adults needs to be clear – and kept between adults.

“I think something that causes children an enormous amount of stress is passing messages between their parents, getting questioned by mum or dad, ‘what hotel are you staying at, who is there, when are you flying back?’,” she said.

The earlier plans are made and agreed to, the better, especially when international travel is planned.

You can read the full article here – Family Lawyer Annelis Bos shares Christmas tips for divorced families

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