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I have a Will, why do I need a Power of Attorney?

Wednesday 16th of October 2019
By: Annelis Bos, Partner, Coote Family Lawyers

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I have a Will, why do I need a Power of Attorney?

When you make a Will you appoint an Executor or Executors to administer your Estate.  The Executor's power to deal with your assets however only comes into effect after you have died.

There are many reasons why a person may require someone to act on their behalf whilst they are still alive, but are unable to act for themselves.  These range from the loss of legal capacity, to the simple convenience of having someone being able to sign documents or deal with matters on your behalf whilst you are overseas.

In order to appoint such a person you need to execute an Enduring Power of Attorney.  Once appointed, an attorney can make decisions and act on your behalf in relation to financial matters and guardianship matters, which cover lifestyle issues such as where you live and who you spend time with.

Coote Family Lawyers is recognised as one of the top family law firms in Melbourne.  If you would like specific advice about your personal circumstances and the benefits of appointing an Attorney, please contact our Wills and Estates Department on 9804 0035.

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