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Charlotte Geddes

Charlotte Geddes

Special Counsel and Accredited Family Law Specialist

You can't imagine what this means to me, it will change my life

Charlotte Geddes - Special Counsel

Charlotte began her career in personal injury litigation, cultivating a systematic understanding of the legal process and a tenacious, courageous approach to litigation.

She is dogged in pursuit of successful outcomes for her clients.

Charlotte graduated from Melbourne University in 2011. She worked in personal injuries before joining Coote Family Lawyers in 2014 and is a Law Institute Accredited Specialist.

Considerate yet pragmatic, Charlotte continually strives for efficient, commercial results. She is gracious in manner but ferocious in method. Charlotte is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.


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Many thanks for your assistance. You and Harry have been AMAZING to say the least.

Thanks again for holding my hand through all this and thank you for putting so much time and energy into my matter.

You have been a great support and I appreciate all you have done to have this resolved.

Dear Gill, Charlotte, Geoff, Stephanie and Eliza

Thank you for agreeing to represent me at 5 minutes before midnight.

Thank you for managing the situation with such care and professionalism.

My life since this was settled has taken on a lightness that I have not experienced in a while.

It’s time for me to get fit and make a real contribution.

I look forward to catching up socially one day. We have settled in xxx for the time being which has been terrific with the kids. Life is wonderful.

Thank you for encouraging me to secure a home in xxx. This has been a positive outcome for all of us

Thank you for your responsiveness and supporting me to get ready to do this.


Law Institute of Victoria - Accredited Family Law Specialists  



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I feel like a completely different person now - since the minute it was done - a huge weight was lifted from my mind.

"At Coote Family Lawyers, we’ll get you to the other side."
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